Saturday, 8 October 2016

Hatching egg: the new birth

Hello ! Its really nice that you are giving me your such a precious time and reading it.
So let me begin.

1. Main hoon kon ?  

It is somehow really important to know and somehow it may not be. Well with due respect to both the stated opinion of me. Let me tell you a lil. :D

I am Nayra Parashar(though this is very much visible to all of you, still i mentioned it). I am a female being living on this earth whose only love is food just like most of us. Despite of the fact that I love food so much this blog isn't about food. And yeah, I am an Independent Indian women. Well...there is nothing so unique about me. The only thing which is unique about me are my thoughts.(as stated by others). Thoughts which bring the stories out of me. Thoughts which are positive and let me understand the stories of others. Thoughts which make me beautiful. ^_^

2. Pehli mulakat blog ke sath

The answer to this question " why blogging?" is must. Because according to me everything has reason.

It's my first blog but its not the first time I am writing. It's just 'my pen' which has now converted into keys. Moreover i would like to tell you that "I am a really talkative person." And this is one of the main reason i am here to be a blogger. Because I thought rather than talking to small group of person lets talk to the world at large. Let them entertain.

3. Baar baar dekho hazaar baar dekho

What i'll give and what you will get. It is just a bird eye view. As i exclaimed that everything has reason. So, here i give you the reason to visit again.

THIS IS THE PLACE where you should come.When you are tired of your work and fed up with your daily routine and eagerly wanted get away from others. Yes! It is a place where you can read stories. Stories of different places, different people, different ages, different opinions, different phases of love and relation.
My blog posts will surely bring out all your 

Thank you. :)

Bahot nahi thodi hi sahi
Par umeed krti
Chehre par apke hasi 
Or mere liye dil me jagah 
ban hi gai hogi. :'D